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Concerns at the Community Center

On July 28th many landowners and residents of Bent Mountain gathered at the Bent Mountain Community Center to discuss how to respond to the surveyors attempting to enter properties to conduct routing, biological, and cultural surveys for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline. The community center… Read More

Watching Out for Our Neighbors

“We’ve lived here 30 years and we wouldn’t live anywhere else. We love visiting the city but we enjoy coming home. We’ve had opportunity to move a couple times through jobs, but we never did.” “What is it about this place that draws you back?” “Well,… Read More

Surveying continues

Though residents of Bent Mountain have denied access to surveyors regarding the Mountain Valley Pipeline, many received letters that routing, cultural, and environmental surveys would begin in the area between July 6 and July 31. Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC writes on their website that the pipeline is being routed “to avoid environmentally sensitive areas to the greatest extent possible.” On July 6, neighbors, friends, and families in the community began patrolling the roads, taking turns in shifts and alerting each other to the presence of surveyor’s on each other’s properties by way of texts, calls, and social media updates.